The Menopause Diaries


Menopause literally means ‘the ceasing of menstruation’.

But, before you reach the menopause, you have to go through the perimenopause and this lasts until you’ve had no period for 12 months. And then there’s also the postmenopause. Confused yet?


Perimenopause is the gradual change leading up to menopause.

Menopause is the point where a woman no longer has her menstrual periods and is only diagnosed when a woman hasn’t have a period for 12 months.

Postmenopause is the period after a woman has not have her period for 12 months.


As everyone knows, while going through this transition period, a lot of changes happen in a woman’s body. Those changes are the symptoms of menopause, listed here in alphabetical order:

Breast pain
Breast tenderness
Brittle nails
Burning tongue
Cardiovascular disease
Changes in odor
Cracked heels
Difficulty concentrating
Digestive problems
Discomfort during sex
Dry skin, eyes or mouth
Dry skin on back of hands
Electric shocks
Facial hairs
Fungal infections (feet)
Gum problems
Hair loss/thinning
Heart palpitations
Heavy eyes
Hot flushes
Hypo / Hyper thyroid
Irregular heartbeat
Irregular periods
Itchy ear
Itchy skin
Joint pain
Loose pulpy soles of feet
Loss of libido
Loss of tone / Breast sagging
Memory lapses
Mood swings
Muscles thinning
Muscle tension
Night sweats
Panic disorder
Racing heart
Sexual changes
Sleep disorders
Strange dreams
Sweet cravings
Tingling extremities
Urinary tract infection (frequent)
Urinary urgency
Vaginal dryness
Vaginal burning sensation
Visceral abdominal fat
Weight gain
… and probably several more (the list will be updated when I discover more symptoms)

There are many sites where you can read about these symptoms, but one of the best I have found is the site simply called ‘34 Menopause Symptoms‘.


I invite you all to share your menopausal stories for this meme: The Menopause Diaries. Share your experiences, the difficulties you run into, the funny side of menopause. And, this is not a meme exclusive to women. If there are men out there who have sexual partners who suffer from symptoms of (peri)menopause, we would love to hear your stories too.

Write your post, add the ‘menopause button’ and link your posts below.


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