Wicked Rules

Wicked Wednesday is a place where you can share your wicked sexiness or your sexy wickedness! Be creative and share!

The rules for Wicked Wednesday is as follows: JOIN – CONNECT – LINK – PROMOTE


There are two ways in which you can join in:

  1. Write a piece of erotica – fantasy or true story, but no longer than 1500 words. There is only one condition for the piece you post: it should be your own words.
    No copies or reblogs, no excerpts from books or stories published elsewhere, no product reviews. Sponsored posts are fine, as long as they are written by you and reflects your own views.
    (There are always room for exceptions, so please get in contact if you have something you really want to post.)
  2. Post a sexy photo of yourself – with or without words to accompany it. The photo should be yours and you can show as much or as little as you want.
  3. Only two posts per blog is allowed per week – one post by you, one post by a guest writer.

Please note:

  • The prompt is not compulsory.
  • If you post an older post, the post should not be older than 6 months. If you want to link an older post, please get in contact with me.


Always include the Wicked Wednesday button in all your Wicked Wednesday posts. You can download the code at the bottom of this page.


Link your post in the linky tool at the bottom of the week’s prompt. You can link your post from the moment the prompt appears on a Saturday afternoon until 3 pm (Amsterdam time) on Thursday.


Promote your link on social media with the hashtag #WickedWednesday and please follow the other links and show the other bloggers some comment love!

Wicked Wednesday

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