A different perspective

The word “bite”, in a sexual sense, is the worst word in existence for me. It brings reminders of complete sexual frustration. The biting fetish, Odaxelagnia, is the desire to bite or be bitten for sexual arousal. If one wants to bite, it is a fetish that is impossible to fulfill. It must be kept hidden and controlled at all times. Depending on the severity of the fetish, as with any fetish, burying such desires can have long term consequences. But that is life, and we do what we can to survive.

It is a fetish that is exceedingly rare. I have seen my particular variety of odaxelagnia only once. The first minute and a half of this scene are the most erotic of any I have ever seen in any film in my life:

Probably not what you were expecting…..

Author: Dee Ach

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