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Are you a writer of erotic fiction, but you do not have your own blog and still want to submit your writing to Wicked Wednesday? Then this page is for you…

Are you a photographer who wants to share some of your work for Wicked Wednesday but you don’t have a place to do so? Then this page is for you…

Are you an artist who occasionally wants to share works in progress or some of your finished works with other Wicked Wednesday players, but you don’t want to start a blog/website for that purpose? Then this is the page for you…

Do you want to share something – sexy, sweet, erotic, sad, happy, funny, interesting – but you do not have your own niche on the world wide web and you don’t want to start it either, then you are welcome to enter your post below.


Please note the following:

  1. You must own the work you submit – writing or image – and it should never have been posted anywhere else.
  2. At the top of your post, please write me a little personal note to let me know that you want it linked to Wicked Wednesday. I will remove this note before publishing it on the page.
  3. Please make sure that you have used the correct spelling before you press submit. Some spelling errors will be corrected, but if a post is riddled with errors, I will not link it to Wicked Wednesday.
  4. Please press ‘submit post’ only once, which will add your post to Wicked Wednesday as a draft.
  5. I will check your post for originality and if approved, I will press publish and link your post to Wicked Wednesday for everyone else to read.
  6. Make sure to come back and check for comments on your post! And please reply to readers who have been kind enough to comment on your writing/image.
  7. Please note that you can only upload one image, with a maximum width of 800 pixels and a maximum height of 600 pixels. Also note that images are uploaded separately from the post. I will add it to your post. If you want it to be in a specific place in your post, please add [insert image here] to your text.

If you have submitted a post and you do not see it linked to Wicked Wednesday, please contact me and I will get in contact with you.

Thanks for entering your post :)

~ Marie Rebelle
© Rebel’s Notes

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