Sexy Searching

Search terms; sometimes they make sense, sometimes they are totally random. Sometimes the very randomness can make you laugh, at other times they make you scratch your head and think “how the hell did that end up at my site?”

Celebrating the randomness of the search terms that people use to find our sites is what this monthly meme, #SexySearching, is all about. It’s intended as a fun way to think about what drives people to view what we write.

Here’s how to play along:

  1. Go to your blog’s dashboard, go to your statistics, select a month and take a screenshot of the search terms that have led people to your blog. Save this image as you will need it later.
  2. Pick your favorite search term and write a post based (however loosely) on that term. The article can include a photo, it can be a work of fiction, a real life experience, or an opinion piece on the topic; but absolutely no product or book reviews, or excerpts from books.
  3. Write your post on your own blog (or use the writing service on this site). Remember to include the screenshot you took previously.
  4. Add the #SexySearching button (code provided below) to your post.
  5. Link your posts below.
  6. Each post that is linked will be promoted on Twitter.
  7. If you use social media, remember to shout your post out using the #SexySearching hashtag.
  8. Please take the time to read and comment on the posts that have been submitted.
  9. Spread the word and have fun…


Sexy Searching

Add this button to your post and link back to this page. Then add your post in the linky tool below.

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