Sexy Memes by Others

If you haven’t participated in any memes yet, please do!

Memes are a wonderful way to get to know new people in the blogging world, read blogs you were not aware of before, introduce your blog to others and to get in contact with the beautiful people in the blogging world.

On this page I have listed all possible memes in the sex blogging community, including some additional information about those memes:

If you know about memes I have not mentioned here, please let me know!

Boobday Friday


Host: A Dissolute Life Means
Frequency: Weekly on Friday
Prompt: No

Boobday is a weekly meme for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks. No matter what your breasts look like, you are welcome to participate in this meme. The thing is that it’s beautiful to see all the different shaped breasts – round and full, small and pert, big nipples and small nipples – they are all lovely!

If you don’t have a blog, but you want to share your images (with name or anonymous) you can get in contact with Hy and she will post your images on her blog on Friday.

Share your images every Friday.



Host: Molly Moore
Frequency: Monthly
Prompt: Mail (if you’re subscribed) and tweets to remind you that submissions are open.

The idea behind e[lust] is to submit one of your post the the roundup. You have to submit your posts between the 1st and the 7th of the month. The e[lust] judges read all the posts and from their votes the top 3 posts for the months are chosen. Molly chooses her favorites too. The list is published roundabout the 15th of the month and you have to publish the list on your blog too and it must be posted on your blog permanently. Submitting your posts to the e[lust] digest definitely gets you more traffic to your blog.

… e[lust] is your source for sexual intelligence and inspirations of lust from the smartest & sexiest bloggers! Whether you’re looking for hot steamy smut, thought-provoking opinions or expert information, you’re going to find it here.

Friday Flash

fridayflashHost: F Dot Leonora
Frequency: Monthly
Prompt: Yes

Friday Flash has been taken over by the lovely F Dot Leonora, one of the most supportive people in the sex blogging community.
A prompt is posted on the 23rd of each month, and you will have until the 23rd of the next month to link your story. Friday Flash is all about flash fiction, so come on, share your sexy stories, but no more than 1000 words! As Leonora said:

Well get typing–you will flash me on the 23rd!

Kink of the week

Kink-of-the-WeekLips-mark400Host: Molly’s Daily Kiss
Frequency: Bi-weekly
Prompt: Yes

A topic prompt is posted every two weeks and this opens the discussion about the topic. Whether a kink is yours or not, you can join in with the discussion.

Posts can be photo essays, erotica based on the topic, musings on your own feelings about it, an educational post or posts about your experiences with it – the sky’s the limit, as long as it pertains to the topic listed. I will leave the topic open for the date duration indicated in the post title so have approx a 2 week period in which to write and publish your post..



Masturbation Monday


Host: Kayla Lords
Frequency: Weekly on Monday
Prompt: Yes, but not compulsory

This meme is all about masturbation. Whether you want to write a piece of fiction or about something that really happened, you can share your posts, as long as it contains a masturbation scene, or is so hot that people would want to masturbate. Authors can even link excerpts to their works, as long as the excerpt contains a masturbation scene. And, if you don’t know what to write about, don’t fear! Kayla publishes a photo every week to help you get the (creative) juices flowing.

Pussy Pride Project

PussyPrideHost: Molly’s Daily Kiss
Frequency: Ongoing
Prompt: No

The Pussy Pride Project is an idea of Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss. The name of the meme says it already, but this is what Molly is looking for:

Tell me about your pussy. Below are a list of possible questions you might like to consider, but they are only suggestions to help get you thinking, you don’t have to follow them to the letter, in fact I am hopeful you won’t, what I would really like to see is your own thoughts and feelings about your pussy.

What do you call it? How do you feel about it? Do you accept it as a beautiful part of you or maybe you are not so sure? What do you think about the concept of the ‘perfect vagina’? Would you ever have surgery on it, or maybe you already have, why? Has anyone ever complimented you on your pussy? Do you shave it, or do you like it au natural? Describe it to me?

If you are brave enough please do post a picture of your pussy but if not, then describing it and how you feel about it is just as good. This is not restricted to female participants either, if you are a male blogger then maybe you might have a partner you could feature, and if not then write a piece about what you think is beautiful about pussies.

Question memes

questionsThere are also some other memes that come with a set of questions and they are also quite interesting and fun to participate in:

Scavenger Hunt

ScavengerHuntHost: Curvaceous Dee
Frequency: Whenever you want
Prompt: No

Imagine you going out to the zoo and flashing your naughty bits for a picture. You know you can be caught, but that’s just part of the thrill. Or you are in the store and you flash there. Or in the lobby of a hotel. Or in the bar or a restaurant. Or on a bridge. In the carwash. Up some stairs.

The possibilities are endless, especially if you get hooked on the thrill of taking those photos or having them taken. Post them on your blog and link them to The Scavenger Hunt.

The Scavenger Hunt is a list to inspire more and better dares for people to flash and show body parts in public places, or at least a place where there is a possibility of being caught by others. You need to have enough of the location in the photo for it to be identifiable and in the photo you do not have to be entirely naked. Just a flash of a nipple or your ‘nether’ bits is enough.

Sinful Sunday


Host: Molly’s Daily Kiss
Frequency: Weekly on Sunday
Prompt: Once a month for the first Sunday

Sinful Sunday is a meme that – the more you participate, the more your experiment with images, the more you dare to show – helps you to build confidence and gets you to know your own body.

Sinful Sunday is ALL about the image. It’s a time and a place to share those sexy/erotic pictures that you have taken.

I hope that Sinful Sunday will encourage all your bloggers out there, regardless of what you blog about  to get your cameras out and see if you can take some pictures that fit into an erotic theme. They don’t have to be nakkie, they don’t have to be graphic, although both of those are good too but they do need to have some sort or erotic or sensual quality about them. Maybe a picture of your favourite toy, your underwear draw, an empty bed, a discarded pair of shoes, your legs, your hands, whatever it is, I want you to be creative. Don’t be afraid to play around with your images, turn them black or white, enhance the colour, blur or sharpen then. This is about having fun.

The Penis Project

PenisProjectHost: Malflic
Frequency: Ongoing
Prompt: No

The Penis Project can be described as the opposite of the Pussy Pride Project and even though I think this is more a meme for men, I have seen entries by women too. But, what is The Penis Project about?

What is one thing that plagues guys more than anything else? It is the disinformation that runs rampant about one of our favorite body part? Does size mater? What is average? What kind of condom should I use, or should I use one at all? Ask 100 guys and you will get 10 different answers and 90 silent red faces. Why are we so ashamed about what we are packing for the ladies when in private its one of our greatest toys?

Most importantly how do we communicate our concerns about these issues to our partners and lovers in a sensitive and honest way, what are ways to bring up seeming uncomfortable topics, set expectations, express likes and dislikes?

Our hope is to address these topics, help correct some of the errors of the past and common locker room misconceptions that have been passed from generation to generation. We encourage others; men and women to share their thoughts and ideas. Information is golden as much as ignorance can lead to expensive and painful learning experiences. It’s time to bring these topics out of the bedroom and talk openly. Let’s get to the bottom of the issues, from health, to play, and everything in between.

TMI Tuesday

TMITuesdayHost: TMI Tuesday Blog
Frequency: Weekly on Tuesday
Prompt: Yes

TMI Tuesday is a meme where you get a set of questions, which you answer and post on your own blog.

A confessional where people come to reveal too much information–sexy secrets, dirty deeds, and more.

Questions are mostly produced by Hedone, but other bloggers can also send in a list of question.

101 things in 1001 days

Day Zero is the creator of the 101 things in 1001 days, which technically isn’t a meme, but has been turned into a kind of a meme by a couple of sex bloggers when they decided to draw up a list of goals. Molly decided to create a page for all the bloggers to link their different posts and pages to.

Are you working on a 101 things in 1001 days list or do you want to create one and start working towards your goals? Then please link your list to Molly’s page and when you blog about your progress, link those posts too.

Do you want to join in with this but have no idea where to start? You might find some inspiration on my first list of 101 things in 1001 days.

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