Prompt #428: Sixth Sense

I have been reading Sass C.’s blog for a couple of months now, and enjoy the things she shares about her relationships, but also the poetry and stories she shares. It’s always wonderful to have new voices in the blogging world. Please visit her blog, and you can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 427 by Sass C.

Wicked Wednesday has been a meme that I’ve consistently participated in since I learned about it earlier this year. When Marie asked me to do the roundup for the prompt, Looney Toons, I wasn’t quite sure what would come of it. But, I definitely enjoyed reading each of the posts submitted.

Doodle Dream by Mrs. K.
My first pick is Doodle Dream by Mrs. K. Reading it made me laugh especially when I got to the parts where she had to draw the more erogenous zones of both her body and the man’s body. The doodle of herself took off her clothes to realize her vagina and boobs were missing. This definitely brought some humor to my day. After she woke up from her dream, she woke up to quite the surprise indeed.

Our loony tune life by Lord Raven
My next pick is Our loony tune life by Lord Raven. I could feel the pain being emoted in his words. The pain experienced in hurting the person you love is something we often don’t see. We can see the hurt we cause, but often don’t share the pain felt seeing them hurt. Lord Raven conveyed these emotions in his poem.

Taz, the Tasmanian Devil by Sweetgirl
And last but certainly not least is Taz, the Tasmanian Devil by Sweetgirl. It was such a sweet post, but also had me in a fit of laughter. She was so honest in her accounts with masturbation. “Instead like my old friend Taz, I would whirl in and get the job done as quickly as possible.” Sweetgirl went on to talk about how she tried to seduce Mr. H with lingerie so she wouldn’t lose him. I appreciated how she talked about how she’s still very much like Taz, but Mr. H loves her as she is and that was very heartwarming.


I was so honoured to be asked to do a round up for Wicked Wednesday. The day Marie asked me I was feeling a little low and she messaged me just when I needed a pick me up, like she had a sixth sense.

That made me wonder about the theory of a Sixth Sense? Is it a real thing? Or is it a perception and not a tangible thing? Do you have a sixth sense that leads you? Or are you able to sense things that others don’t? Maybe you’ve had something stop or redirect you, keeping you from impending doom, in the “nick of time”.

Tell us your thoughts. Or maybe you have a smutty story to share about the senses.

I look forward to reading your ideas!

~ Mrs K

As always, you are welcome to link any stories or posts that don’t follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Mrs K.

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