Ravishing {A Wedding}

Time froze as me and Beatrice sneak from our place turning into the driveway, stopping.

‘Know how to jack a car?’ she looks at me with a lewd face.
‘Well not really’, I answer thinking of the times I stole money from the glove boxes. ‘I was really broke then so no hard criticism please!’ I say as her bright widening pupils are attached to a convertible old red MG.

She starts walking over to it casually opening the front seat door waving at me to come as the engine grumbles into gear.

We look back but no one has come out yet as we take off to where I wouldn’t know. She leans over kissing my mouth softly as I squeeze her leg. We’re flying to the moon on this spectacular afternoon. In love and in an MG.

Image from Pixabay

Wicked Wednesday

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