Prompt #416: Statistics

A couple of weeks ago I looked through the list of people who have contributed to Wicked Wednesday in the past, but who haven’t been asked yet to do the roundup, and I decided to contact all of them, Cal, who’s stories I have been enjoying for quite some time, was one of the people I contacted, and I was delighted when he agreed to do the roundup. You can read his stories on his blog, or follow him on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 415 by Cal

I still consider myself a newcomer to the sex blogging world, so being asked to select the best submissions from the works of my peers is both daunting and an honour. As always, this week had an excellent collection of diverse pieces, ranging from fictional work and journal entries to technical how-to’s.

Which brings me to the topic for the week – writing about yourself in the third person. I read and considered every piece submitted whether it followed the topic or not, and wanted to commend Liam for his bravery and honesty on his journey of sexual self-discovery. I enjoyed LizBlackX’s perception of herself from a third person viewpoint and Marie’s hot little retelling of a recent Sunday morning. May’s explanation of her fiction-writing process as inspired by Orwell is a good read too.

Here’s my top three though, in no particular order. The first pair is how two writers see themselves, and how a facet of their personality has taken on an identity of its own, a third person. The third is just a sexy little piece about a different kind of third person, as a couple contemplates a threesome.

Alethea & I – When I’m On My Own
Writers see characters everywhere, weaving people and things they observe into elaborate stories. Alethea (Allie) is just such a character, a figment of the writer’s imagination that has developed a personality, and nurtured over time has allowed the narrator to continue her life as part of a contented trio.

Are you there, Brigit? It’s me – Brigit Writes
Many, many of us live double (sometimes triple and maybe more) lives, balancing a real life persona with another secret one inside, forced sometimes by society’s norms and conventions to remain hidden forever but still an essential part of our real selves. The writer summarises it quite succinctly – “The thing is…Brigit is my soul.”

Worth a Tri – Life of a Kinky Wife
A woman watches her husband as he’s given a mission, to scout a suitable playmate for a threesome. The omniscient third person voice is used to good effect, describing the couple’s lustful fantasies in an erotic short story.


Some people love it, other people hate it… statistics. It’s a way of keeping track of trends, of how many times something has happened, or not happened. I do the stats for Wicked Wednesday at the end of every years, and some horrible stats that have been tracked this year are those of COVID-19.
How do you feel about stats? Come share your thoughts, and as always, you are welcome to link any stories or posts that don’t follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by PurpleSole.

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