Prompt #391: Multitasking

This is the third time I welcome Violet to the roundup of Wicked Wednesday, as she has also done it for week 309 (read it here) and week 354 (read it here). I still hope the day will come when I meet Violet in real life, but up to then I will have to make do with sexy words and beautiful images on her blog, and like me, you can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 390 by Violet Fawkes

I am so delighted to be invited back to Wicked Wednesday for another Top 3 selection. I almost never get to read as much as I’d like throughout the week but the commitment to helping out with a weekly meme means I get to make time for every single entry, and like every week, y’all made it so worth it. So much so that I have done a cheeky thing and chosen 4 posts instead of three and I hope Marie allows it!

This week’s prompt was fantastic and I wish I’d had time and bandwidth to contribute, because ceremony and ritual is a big part of my writing, and recently my drawings too. I was raised in an agnostic/semi-atheist family where faith and ritual were seen as weak and unnecessary. Perhaps it’s that upbringing that has made it such a focus in my adult life and why it has trickled into sex and identity as well. My original attraction to BDSM was the ritual and ceremony of it, the interplay of light and dark, of structure and meaning. I think we all search for our place in the world, and in the different facets of our life, one could argue that that is, in itself, our purpose, to create and find meaning. Ceremony helps mark that meaning and gives weight and substance to the things in life that are meaningful, yet intangible.

I really enjoyed reading the interpretations and iterations of “ceremony” in this week’s links and I am moved and impressed by the vulnerability and generosity in how deeply many of you share. I feel like I now know some of you much deeper, and for those whose blogs were brand new to me this week, I will definitely be back.

My Highlights on “Ceremony”:

Bubble Bath and Bedtime Bondage – Francesca Demont
This glimpse at a self care ceremony of bathing, masturbating and sleeping in bondage gear was, honestly, scintillating. I felt like I was there, watching, escaping with her. The anticipation, the build up … the bubbles. I was squirming by the end and these aren’t even my usual kinks! Very personal and astute writing.

Love in Dark Places – Degrees of Zero
This post describes an intimate CNC experience, and I love that it’s written in such a striking and vulnerable way that there is room for the recognition that CNC is challenging. Not only does this level of vulnerability draw me in, I feel it’s a responsible approach to share that sometimes it’s not simple and doesn’t all feel like puppies and rainbows.

“When I get back in bed I’m hesitant. I feel small. He is lying there sleeping and it would be a lie to say all the bad feelings, the upset and the hesitancy disappear – they do not – but they lessen, I soften.”

Beautiful, unfettered writing here.

Tribute – Floss Does Life
Floss’s post ties in less directly to “Ceremony” and focuses on the KOTW Cum Tribute prompt, but really, tributes are VERY ceremonial in their own right and I enjoy how these topics blended for many writers this week. As usual, upon opening a Floss Post, I was rendered near-speechless and simply exhaled a long “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck ….” as I scrolled the pictures and words. There is an immediacy in Floss’s work that hits me in the feels and the libido – it’s so direct and unapologetic, yet poignant. Unf. This post checked so many boxes for me.

Cum (Tribute) On Me – Molly’s Daily Kiss
Over the years, I have discovered that Molly and I share some kinks and likes: we both love glass dildos, tall striped socks, and we both love cum. Not surprisingly, Molly’s photo (how does anyone look that stunning sitting on the floor?! – I dare say I’d look like a pile of laundry in that pose) and the luscious tribute dribbled on it, really “clicks” for me. I also love the peek into her new and changing relationship dynamics and reading about what brings her happiness and a little thrill these days.

Thanks everyone for the great submissions and for creating such moving work. As always, I am humbled, impressed and grateful to be in your esteemed company.



Multitasking… the apparent human ability to perform more than one task at the same time, like drive a car and talk on the phone, or sending emails during a meeting. There are some that say they have perfected the art of multitasking, and others that say there is no such thing as multitasking, because all that happens when you do more than one thing at a time is that you make more mistakes. Come share your opinions or stories about multitasking.
(Don’t confuse multitasking with time management – that’s a prompt we will visit in one of the coming weeks.)

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Kayla Lords.

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