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Prompt #390: Ceremony

I am delighted to welcome back May More to the roundup for Wicked Wednesday. This is the third time she has done it, as she also took care of week 289 (read it here) and week 342 (read it here). You can read May’s words on her blog, follow her on Twitter or come listen to her at Eroticon 2020, as she will be a speaker there!

Top 3 for week 389 by May More

I love getting to choose three posts for a meme roundup. However, it always proves more difficult than I’d expected.

I’ve noticed other bloggers in my position have selected submissions that stayed on prompt. This week’s prompt was astrology but the majority of posts were off-topic. This led me to employ the – posts I could relate to – method. Which is preferable, really, as it means I also get to talk a bit about myself, a bonus for any blogger ;-)

So here they are:

Lessons in Kate ~ Feedback Loop
This was one of the first posts I got to read. Because I write a fair amount of erotic fiction, on occasions I feel I have had my fill of this genre. Well, that was until Kate’s entry. She started writing it for last week’s prompt: Observe, but didn’t finish. I’m not surprised it took her a while to pen, as I expect she had to keep nipping off for some relief! It is hot. And the reasons I can relate are twofold. Not only is being shared one of my own fantasies, I have actually been the woman at work, sat at my desk with hand inside my panties.

Jayne Renault ~ Sex Signs
I did hope to choose one link that was on prompt and yes, I found my self nodding along with it too. Jayne talks about all kinds of alternative healing methods her family used when she was young. I tried the exact same witchy things with my kids. After the introduction, things really hot up in this article. If you want to know more about Jayne’s conquests then start here. We are treated to their star-signs and various other, to my mind, very valuable snippets of information about her lovers and their sexual prowess.

Molly Moore ~ For Love
Molly writes very candidly about love. Yes, that four letter word that can bring so much pleasure and pain. Having followed her blog for a few years, and read about her recent life changes, I think once again she has done an amazing job putting across very personal details without seeking sympathy, but remaining positive. I found myself in a similar position years ago, when a love I thought would last forever crumbled. But out of the wreckage I found another – Mr More. I shall assume the role of Mystic May and predict (the prompt is astrology so predictions must be permitted) a bright future ahead for Molly. We are all allowed more than one life and love.


According to the dictionary a ceremony is “a formal religious or public occasion, especially one celebrating a particular event, achievement, or anniversary” or “the ritual observances and procedures required or performed at grand and formal occasions”. There are wedding ceremonies, graduating ceremonies, tea ceremonies…

Come share posts about ceremonies you have taken part in, or want to take part in, or share even if you don’t follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Violet Fawkes.

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