Prompt #387: Out of character

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I am delighted to welcome Brigit Delaney back to the Wicked Wednesday roundup, as she as also done it for week 313 (read it here) and week 338 (read it here). I had the wonderful privilege of meeting her at Eroticon, and she was as lovely in real life as she’s online. Brigit is one of the Smut Marathon judges, and you can read her own words on her blog, or follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 386 by Brigit Delaney

I am totally intrigued by relationship possibilities. And the more time I spend in this community, the more I learn about all the differences. I tend to be pretty typical when it comes to relationships. I was born and raised to believe in the basic “man/woman grow up to fall in love, get married, and have kids, and stay together forever” model. But, theoretically, I’ve been aware of other options. I’ve done the swinging thing, come to understand that I have bi tendencies, and tried very hard to understand my husband’s poly interests.

So this prompt was perfect for me to “round up.” There were so many great posts to draw from. But these were the ones that stuck with me, even when I walked away from the screen.

Lessons on Love and Sex from Two Years in a Polyamorous Triad by MxNillin
I love this post for several reasons. First, it’s just plain sweet and romantic. Second, it’s so beautifully organized, which makes a possibly complicated topic easy to understand for an audience that may have little experience with a relationship like this. Not only was this post a great explanation of a relationship that doesn’t follow the traditional pattern, but it also reads like an excellent piece of advice. Mx Nilliin is open, vulnerable, honest, and thorough in their explanation of a very special connection between three very special people. And I thank them for the window into their world.

No Such Thing as Too Much Love by Violet Fawkes
This one grabbed me for a similar reason. It’s organized in way that makes a potentially foreign topic/relationship pattern more understandable (at least for me). I love the personal explanation of about her Life Partners and the list of assumptions that some people may have about polyamorous people.

Relationships are Hard by Victoria Blisse
I’m a sucker for a personal post… one that includes honest, vulnerable truth. And this one packs a punch in that regard. “Impressed” isn’t the right word, but I guess I’m just amazed by Victoria’s strength when it comes to making decisions about protecting herself and her loved ones from toxic people, even if they are close family. It left me saying “Hallelujah!” out loud.


When someone is ‘out of character’, it means they are not keeping with their usual pattern of behavior and motives. Share stories where you or someone else acted out of character, and what the consequences was of that.

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

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