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Prompt #386: Relationship

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I am delighted to welcome back Exposing40! This is the third time she did the roundup and as always she has done an excellent job. Previous roundups she did was for week 256 (read it here) and week 337 (read it here). Exposing40 is an excellent photographer who doesn’t only share pictures of herself, but also of her friends. You can follow her on her blog and on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 385 by Exposing40

This is the third time I’ve done the Wicked Wednesday and this was definitely the hardest week to whittle down to three. Although there was some excellent fiction in the mix (as always!), this week I found myself drawn to the stories of real life and my long list included words about mental health, bereavement, cancer and menopause. I continue to have so much admiration for all those in this community who share their most vulnerable moments and challenging times.

This moment by Molly’s Daily Kiss and Third Eye Blind by Cara Thereon
I sent a slightly cheeky pretending-to-be-joking-but-actually-serious DM to Marie asking if I could combine Molly and Cara’s posts into one of my top three. Marie agreed that it was impossible not to mention one without the other. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for everyone involved at the moment; however right the decision is there is a huge unmeshing of lives to be done and it’s all in the spotlight of being high profile in our community. Molly’s writing on this has been powerful and honest throughout the last few weeks and I admire her this. But like many who have commented on her post, I have been wondering how things are for Cara and wondering if it is right to ask. I’m glad she has written about this too. I hope the coming weeks and months are as kind as possible to all three.

Life and Death #WickedWednesday by Victoria Blisse
This post made me cry a little bit. The closeness to her Dad that Victoria talks about is really wonderful and I had so much empathy for the anniversary falling so close to her birthday; my uncle died in a freak accident on his son’s/my cousin’s birthday 10 years ago this month and it’s made the 30th October a terrible day for our family ever since. I love how she celebrated her birthday this year though – I can picture her trademark smile as she admired her marks.

What sex is REALLY like, in my world by Temperature’s Rising
While Victoria’s post made me cry, Fever’s made me giggle. I love that women are more and more talking about their menopause experiences and the humour here is uplifting. I also like her closing point that while sex can be wondrous, sometimes there are bumps and noises and interruptions that can make it seem awkward but actually that’s all just part of the experience. I do hope a cat never embeds its claws into someone’s arse as they go down on me though!! Eek!


There are many kinds of relationships in the world. There are traditional ones and not so traditional ones. There are relationships between a man and a woman, a man and a man, a woman and a woman, a man and a mand and a woman, a woman and a man and a woman, and so you can go on and on and come up with many different configurations. Share your opinions or stories about relationships, what kind of relationship works the best for you? And of course you can also share about your relationship with your parents, your siblings or other family members.

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