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Prompt #375: Retreat

MxNillin is a queer, polyamorous andro-babe with a girl cock, blogging about gender nonconformity & kinky fucking at You can also follow them on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 374 by MxNillin

Hey friends! It’s your resident loud mouthed, queer as fuck, polyamorous andro-babe with a girl cock, here to share my top 3 favorites from last week’s prompt.

I dunno about y’all but we’re smack in the middle of a brutal fucking heat wave in Saskatchewan, Canada, with temperatures averaging around 30 – 35 degrees Celsius everyday, so, it’s been hard finding a time to read when I wasn’t just unreasonably angry about how fucking hot it is.

Finally, yesterday evening, while laying sprawled out and buck ass naked in bed, after the sun went down, with multiple fans blasting on my melting genitals, I dove into this weeks posts [you’re welcome for that visual]. And y’all did NOT disappoint. There were a lot of really strong pieces to choose from, a lot of very vulnerable stories, funny poems, and of course sexy, smutty, reads that I had trouble narrowing down… yet there can only be three…

Here they are!

She Meets His Wives by Lascivious Lucy
Wait, wait… vampire sex!?!? If you know me at-fucking-all, you know that I love me some lewd monster porn. But almost all the creature sex I consume is through sex comics and graphic novels, so it was a treat reading this short erotica about a young woman named Alicia getting freaky naughty with Dracula’s wives. DO want that follow-up teased in the end, please!

The Bet by Ria Restrepo
It’s a plot I’ve seen before in many movies and TV shows, BUT never this goddamn sexy! Ria does a really great job at quickly building the world and main scenario before jumping into the hottest description of mutual masturbation and voyeurism/exhibitionism I’ve read in a long ass time. Like, hot-fucking-damn! Seriously.

Breathe With Me by Molly Moore
I’m also REALLY not good at monogamy. Neither are my partner’s, Fal and Kate. In fact, we all say as much in almost every single check-in, or talk about any potentially new sexual partners that any of us may have. Reading Molly’s post really hit home echoing a lot of my feelings, wants, desires, and needs as well. As polyamorous people having some degree of sexual, emotional, and/or romantic freedom in your life can be really necessary to your wellbeing. While I’m always impressed with her pieces this one is particularly affecting and I’m so proud of her commitment to herself because she deserves to feel happy and fulfilled in her relationships!



… this can be about withdrawing or moving back, or it can be about a quiet and secluded place where one can rest and relax. Use the word ‘retreat’ to inspire a story, or maybe you have tips about writing retreats? Share them!

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Nikki.

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