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Prompt #372: Pleasure

This is the second time Steeled Snake has done the top 3 for Wicked Wednesday, and I am delighted to welcome him back. Previously he did the roundup for week 344 (read it here). You can follow Snake on the blog he shares with his wife, or follow him on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 371 by Steeled Snake

I am really jazzed about writing up a few of the picks from this week’s Wicked Wednesday. I have to say – there are so many posts that are awesome, and I love how they run the full range of meaning of “Centre” and what it means to different people, along with some simply very hot stories that can certainly help you… center. So much excellent writing!

#1 Off Center by bluesubmission
I loved the honesty of this post – there have been several people sharing lately about the challenges of ongoing D/s lifestyles and it’s incredibly helpful to see both that other people have challenges and life issues that are thrown at them, and that they look to work through them, building new, possibly quite different relationships on the other side. …And the rope-work shown in this post is amazing!

#2 Center of Attention by Marie Rebelle
I really liked this post and the pinging back and forth between people, sensations, control and lack of control. It was very hot and a blast to read and play along with in my mind. You can feel the lust, and the frustration, flowing from the post!

#3 Aftermath by Raven Lee
There’s something about the time after – and the aftermath of it all. There have been more than a few occassions looking around, assessing the aftermath, and just grinning. And then there’s taking advantage of the state of things – and this post has all of those feelings and thoughts. Very erotic!


This week’s prompt is a suggestion by Jade.

“What’s your pleasure?”

A question that can be taken so many ways. How do you define pleasure – what is pleasure to you, for you? What imagery, thoughts, memories or emotions does the word conjure up for you?

In the negotiations for a BDSM scene, a Top recently asked me, “In a scene, how can I know that what I am doing is pleasurable?” He meant the word in its broadest connotations, since pleasure and pain are so often mixed in such a scene. How does one describe “pleasure” in that situation? Have you experienced a mixture a pleasure and its opposite at the same time? (This doesn’t refer to BDSM only, I have experienced joy and sorrow simultaneously as well.)

It seems that our society often devalues pleasure, linking it to hedonism and selfishness. Is this your experience of pleasure? Do you have “guilty pleasures”? Should we feel guilt for what brings us pleasure?

I’m looking forward to reading all your thoughts on the topic!

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Jade.

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