Prompt #366: Twisted

I have ‘met’ Swirling Fire – Swirly – on Twitter and got to know a bit more of her through the blogs she writes about some terrible times she’s been through. Her words are brutally honest, and filled with the pain and abuse she has endured. You can also follow Swirly on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 365 by Swirly

A sense of humour and laughter are not a mutually exclusive partnership.

As with kink and fetish, what works for one is not for another.

I’ve fallen foul, accidentally, of my very dry humour not translating into the typed format. Many a time a fun inspired response to another’s tweet has backfired.

Lots of things make me smile. A full belly laugh is extremely rare. In real life I’m known as “a giggler’ – I know! Drama lessons finally paid off I try to hold on to funny silly things to pull me through memory stew days.

I was looking forward to this prompt. Firstly, a significant number and secondly, I was extremely interested as to what you sadistic, switchy deviants (said with love) would do with the prompt of #laughter.

As a personal note – this task opened up a lot of memories. Both good, bad and confusing. What did I learn? – my mind opened to two new kinks (rope and voyeurism).
My conclusion – I am without doubt, a Submissive woman. The qualities have not been forever squashed. It will take the patience of a sainted(and heavily vetted) Dom to bring me to my knees.

Thank you Rebel for this task. It was a roller coaster of emotions and learning.

I have a top 3 and in Swirly style – 2 highly commended.

Highly commended

1st: May – Oranges, Lemons and Lyme – an educational post that was a surprise to me about a condition I didn’t know much about, finding laughter through adversity is the sign of a good relationship. Through thick and thin. A poignant read with good advice and positivity.
2nd: Floss – Home – Weeeelllll – what can I say about this magical wordsmith? I’m not familiar with the series this piece belongs with. I’m cautious of fantasy fiction for my own MH reasons. Floss’ writing style encapsulates images very sharply.
I Think I just had my VERY FIRST voyeuristic experience ?
I’ll shall return to read the full series very soon.

Top 3

The Thing That Binds Us by Purple’s Gem
This post captivated me because of the the respect and care between partners in a playful pairing of laughter and rope play. I know nothing of rope. The beach setting appealed to my senses of calm and quiet centering. This post captivated my curiosity back into kink. Maybe one day?

Make ’em laugh! by J. Lynn
A piece of writing that had me giggling from the start and launched me onto an intergalactic journey that had me laughing. Very much my mischievous sense of humour. The Star Trek reference, charming.
“After a bit of resuscitation I released him and yelled, “I juss can’t do it Cap’n! I don’ have the pow’r!” Inspired use of a well loved phrase.

A willing subject too by ET Costello
So, the Prosecco Painter. I was immediately captivated by the main character. Very much reminded me of Alfie, the Michael Caine playboy from the 60s film – talking to the camera/audience style – I wasn’t quite certain what I felt but something squirmy unlocked and I was very aware of the voyeuristic and mesmerising qualities being described. In a curious way, I felt I’d earned at least one glass of chilled Prosecco on fruitful completion.


Twisted… synonyms are distorted, perverted, crooked, warped, contorted, bent, tangled, curled, misrepresented, curved… I am sure you can use one or all of those words to write a sexy story, or maybe the prompt triggers a memory from the past. Come share your posts!

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

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