Prompt #365: Laughter

I had the privilege this year of finally meeting the talented Jayne Renault at Eroticon. Just before Eroticon I learned that she was there last year too, but I never got to meet her. We should have talked more, but in true Eroticon fashion everyone is busy and by the time you are back home you realized you haven’t talked. Jayne writes erotic fiction, shares her opinions on some subjects and posts tantalizing images on her blog. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 364 by Jayne Renault

I’m honoured to be doing this roundup for the first time. This message is coming to you live from a hotel in North Carolina in the presence of F. Leonora and Rachel Woe as I prepare to meet with the Sisters in Smut crew further south later today. So I’m positively giddy as I write this, vibrating at the very high smut-writing frequencies.

I was looking forward to what this prompt would evoke in participating writers. These are the three that had thoughts that evoked something particular in my.

The Healing Power of Ritual – Violet Fawkes
“Unlike the heavy dogma of religious ritual, D/s, although worshipful and replete with traditions and ‘ways to be’, it is also so flexible. What you ritualise in your dynamic, and what you reject, is wholly up to you as the practitioners.”

I am no practitioner of BDSM myself. What I know is what this lovely community so generously shares by way of their blog posts and kink-fuelled stories. But this might be my favourite thing that I have gleaned so far — that not only do I love the notion of BDMS filling the space of ritual, community and trust in a power outside of oneself, but there is so much mindfulness, meditation, and magic rolled up into it. The added layer of deeply intimate personalization to your practice makes it feel like a kind of witchcraft or yoga (in the spiritual and physical sense), which I find beautifully fascinating.

Systems and Submission – Kisungura
“I could recognise and understand my primary systems and how and why my soothing system has always been neglected. I could also see, however, where my submission firmly sits and how I can tap into this rich source of centering to develop my self compassion through ritual and trust.”

I found the exploration that Kisungura so generously shares with us regarding the the epiphany she had when provided this new lens through which to look at herself, and the raw, critical contemplating that followed really resonant for me this week.

This is such a powerful sentiment. To create and take the opportunity to make such profound realizations about the self by whatever means in and of itself is a sign of unassuming inner strength and no small feat. It’s funny (and again, I’ll say – truly magical!) how a simple, albeit new-to-us framework can make so many things click into place while we carry on with our journeys to figure ourselves out and enrich our relationship with the self.

The Cleansing — Floss
“I knew, but without knowing how that he was waiting for my consent to continue. That this had to be my choice, but as yet I didn’t know what I was choosing. I did know however that whatever he was offering was something I wanted.”

Speaking of magic, Floss is definitely a word witch. The things she does to me with her prose (in so few words!) always takes me by surprise.

I don’t have much in the way of priest fetishes. Generally, I find the stories involving clergypeople tired or forced. But I’m always open to the possibility of having my mind changed. And change it she did. It’s a simple scene, but the power it holds is palpable. And the mic drop of a concluding statement absolutely makes me thirsty for whoever comes next.


Laughter is good medicine, they say, and apparently the best sex comes when people are laughing, when people are happy. Come share your thoughts and sexy stories, or write a humorous sex story.

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Swirly.

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