Prompt #363: Friendship

I had the lovely experience of meeting E.L. Byrne at Eroticon this year and we had quite a few laughs together, especially when she was telling a story to people to the right of her, and when she wanted to demonstrate something, slid her hand up my leg (I was sitting left from her). I had no idea what her story was about as I was in a different conversation, but instantly told her to go on. She’s a lovely person with a bubbly personality and it was so much fun to spend time with her. Hopefully we will see her again next year. You can follow E.L. Byrne on either of her blogs, E.L. Byrne, Writer and Longitude and Lustitude or follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 362 by E.L. Byrne

As always this was a week of incredible writing with an interesting cross-section of different types of stories and sexy images. As expected, because the theme is Unmentionable, many of the stories were about not being able to talk about our kinky sexy lives. The stories were poignant, interesting, sexy, and very personal. I enjoyed every one of them. I am only allowed to choose three for the roundup so, here we go.

Never mention the unmentionable by Submissy
I always love to read Submissy’s take on all things D/s and this was no exception. In this post her words flow so smoothly and feel so light, yet there is clearly an intensity and sorrow at not being able to share all of who she is with the world at large.

“I never mention that my aim is to meet his needs, to please his desires and to obey his commands. Who does that in this day and age? Certainly not someone like me. It would not be believable, that I could be happy being so subjugated. And that is what you would think if you knew the truth. So I don’t talk about what is unmentionable, incomprehensible next to your life, which is lived out in a different way.”

Unmentionable by Toy for Sir
I could tell that this was a difficult post to write and that she was working out some of her feelings and thoughts as she wrote this. I appreciated that. I like how she looked at the important relationships in her life and where there are topics she can and cannot mention and how that impacts her relationship with each of the people. I can’t talk openly with my mother about any of this either, so it touches a place in me too, reading this was hard,I could tell it is tough to feel the way she does. But also helps to know we’re not alone out here.

“I will keep things the way they are out of respect and honestly because I am not sure them knowing any of the stuff I haven’t shared would improve the relationship or get more of the closeness that I crave. Neither my Mom or my sister would get it – and maybe it would pull us farther apart. So, for now, I will love and appreciate the relationships I have with them.”

An Intro to Ethical Cum Tributes ft. Leona de Lioness by MxNillin
I picked this one because it was so different for me and certainly something I had never heard mentioned before. Ethical Cum Tributes. MxNillin explains what this is and also really makes clear the ethical consensual implications involved. I felt very educated by this post and also very comfortable that they are very clear on the boundaries involved.

“It’s May so I’m cumming all over print outs of lewd pictures sent to me by friends and peers, then posting photographic evidence of the beautiful messes. For those unfamiliar with this act, it’s called a “cum tribute” (aka a “sop”) and the general concept is that somebody pleasures themself to, then ejaculates on, a still image of a person they find attractive.”


Don’t count the number of friends you have,
but the number of friends you can count on.

Share your stories about friendships, tell us about your best friend(s), about what they mean to you, or write a story about friendships.

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

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