Prompt #361: Elaborate

This is the first time I am welcoming Missy to the roundup for Wicked Wednesday, and I am delighted to do so. For (I think) about two years now I have admired her photography, and every Saturday I look forward to seeing what new nipple jewelry she would share with us. I can say that without actively doing so, Missy ‘encouraged’ me to have my nipples pierced again. If you want to see her photography, then please visit her blog.

Top 3 for week 360 by Missy of Focused and Filthy

A real joy to be asked to pick from this week’s posts. I admit I’m not writer but occasionally add some words to my photographs. My picks are based on my reactions so firstly I chose

Not Alone by Kisungura
I was really taken by this post. The huge range of emotions portrayed and experienced by the characters really adds to the believable nature of this story. And I’m a sucker for something I can imagine or feel. It’s probably no surprise that the sex is described in such a wonderful tactile way that I fell for it big time.
“I stretch and spread myself into the space between them. Her; so soft and curvy, bare breasts and belly like warm dough spilling onto the sheet by my arm. Him; all bones and muscles, angles and hardness. I remember the warmth I cannot feel, and expand some more. I love being here with them, it’s much better than waiting for them. When they’re here with me I can play, but only when they’re sleeping.” Great twist on the prompt too.

The Unexpected – April’s Submissive Training Journal by Submissy
I’ve really enjoyed several of Submissy’s April stories as she’s been doing the AtoZChallenge this month on her blog. The reason this particular piece stood out was the experiment and objectification side of the story of April. I’m not usually keen on medical play (I’m no needle fan) but this experimental idea and the slightly cold but interested researcher had me squirming whilst reading.
“I began to cry out and writhe around, begging for release, but he continued to watch the screen in a detached way, adjusting the power accordingly.”
If you enjoyed this one there are plenty of April’s Training stories to keep you entertained.

Wanting on my own by Jayne Renault
This post is all about the things that Jane wants and breaks it down into wonderful bite size chunks. Talk, tease, play, learn, challenge and loose her “goddamn mind”. She has such a beautiful turn of phrase for each of the sections and comments.
“I want to explore all of our facets and map the topography of our joint terrain.”
“I want to uncover the things about myself that have gone unnoticed thus far. The things that, by nature, only you could evoke.”
By the end I found myself panting slightly and wanting so many of the same things. The pace, the build and the heart felt honesty was just a big bundle of hot stuff.


Take a story you have written, or a short blog post, or maybe even a tweet and…


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