Prompt #358: Mental Health

Kisungura is fairly new to the blogging scene, but someone I don’t think this community can imagine being without anymore. She writes from the heart, beautiful and honest pieces, and she’s very creative with her images. Please visit her blog and follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 357 by Kisungura

I’m really honoured to be invited to choose my favourite pieces for this week’s Wicked Wednesday round up, particularly as I was intrigued about how writers would interpret the tantrum themed prompt.

I’m always in awe at the variety of touching, personal, imaginative and inspiring responses shared each week, and feel privileged to gain a glimpse of what can be an emotive and challenging topic for some, and how it can provide inspiration for entertaining fiction for others.

As always, the standard of submissions this week was particularly high and I had some trouble and tough decisions to make in narrowing my initial favourites down to my final 3. I wanted to include pieces that were on topic for the prompt and featured a combination of personal experiences and fiction with surprising twists.

So, in no particular order, here are my top 3 –

Molly Moore – Weathering the Storm
Molly’s honest and personal piece really touched a nerve with me as I could relate to a great deal of what she shared. Pieces that make me think more deeply about my own responses and reactions always stay with me and this one has done exactly that. Molly has a lot to be angry about, and quite rightly so. I recognised myself in a lot of what Molly expressed, particularly around being sweary, making the effort to intentionally address my own expressions of anger differently to my own children than I experienced and my own tendency to flash and burn if something really gets to me. I wanted to shout ‘me too!’ whilst reading this and I’m grateful for such vulnerable and real posts that remind me of some of my own qualities. Molly has clearly shown that, within difficult times, reflection creates opportunity for positive recognition of strength and resilience. I hope your storm passes soon Molly.

So despite it being a bit shit and me being really fucking livid I find myself looking in the mirror and seeing a capable, strong and independent woman who is able to weather the storm pretty damn well, looking back at me. I might be fucking furious but I am surprisingly OK with that.

My Naughty Ideas – The Housewife of Silicon Valley
I always appreciate writers taking an unusual slant on a prompt, one that I don’t necessarily see coming, and this creative sci fi inspired fiction story from My Naughty Ideas ticked that box for me. Reminiscent of Westworld, a huge favourite of mine, with a respectful nod to the classic The Stepford Wives (another favourite) it simultaneously drew me in and left me hanging, leaving me wanting more and feeling pleasantly disturbed. The sinister undertones, despite the so called joke at the end, made me ponder for long after the time period and the societal reasons behind this particular experiment. I felt anger and sympathy for Lilly and her lose lose predicament at the hands of Marshall and the lab technicians. I’d love to read a second instalment!

Marshal looked back over at the monitor, then back at Lilly. There was so much success, and so much failure happening right now he didn’t know what to think. He smiled at her. She reacted with a bigger frown, her eyelids squinted even more.

“You better not do what I think you are about to do,” Lilly said, emphasizing the not, and the think. “You are a real mother…” The last words trailing off and slowing down. Her vocal cords stopped working as the switch to power Lilly had been flipped. She was going through a shutdown sequence. Her facial features stopped moving, going back to default positions.

Deviant Daeva – I Will Count to Ten Now
I always love reading about how other people navigate their power exchange and play and this piece had me nodding and squirming in equal measures. Deviant Daeva has brilliantly captured the delicious push and pull of bratting and finally submitting to the wonderfully executed head fuck of her Dominant, slowly counting down and chipping away at her initial outward anger and resolve. An erotic, suspenseful and completely relatable expression of battling conflicting internal frustrations and ultimately giving way and giving up emotional and physical desires within a D/s dynamic.

I was starting to panic. I am a strong independent woman. No No No! But I couldn’t stop it anymore. The fear, the anticipation, the excitement. I quickly took all my clothes off and let them fall to the floor. There I was, all naked, standing in front of him. He smiled at me.

“Good girl.”


This week’s prompt was a suggestion by SassyCat:

Mental Illness can affect a person’s ability to function from day to day. Their inability to relate to and communicate with loved ones, friends and others. Mental health can also affect a person’s physical health as well. This can be temporary lasting for a few hours or days. However it could be chronic lasting years or a lifetime.

Recovery is different for everyone. There are different methods of treatment. There is therapy, medication, and self-help. Sometimes it’s the little things that we do for ourselves that can make us feel better. Taking care of ourselves both mentality & physically can help in recovery and maintaining good mental health.

What does self-care mean to you? Is it something you can do daily, once a week or monthly? How important is having a self-care routine to you? What are some things you can start doing that will benefit your mental health?

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by SassyCat.

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