Prompt #355: Holding Hands

This is the second time I welcome Violet to the top 3, as she has also done it for week 309 (read it here). Violet is one of those bloggers who has an eye for beautiful creations, be it in image or in words, and one of the bloggers I really hope I will meet in person one day! You can follow her on her blog, or on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 354 by Violet Fawkes

This is my second time doing the Top 3 for Wicked Wednesday and I couldn’t be more pleased with the topic! How and why we dream remains somewhat of a mystery to science, while the enigma of dreams has been sought and re-told by poets and philosophers since time immemorial. Dreams are a big part of my life and often inspire a lot of the heartfelt filth I write. I very much enjoyed the pieces linked up this week, but three rose to the top for me.
Here are my picks for Prompt #354: Dreams …

In Your Dreams by May More
I love a bit of flash fiction and May consistently writes it very well. I’m not shy to say that I love everything about this piece. May does dialogue so well and this itty bitty story is just enough to *ahem*, whet the appetite. If you haven’t read it yet, do it now! And if you have, read it again. It’s that good.

Dreaming of Dicks by bluesubmission
First of all, “Dreaming of Dicks” could easily be the title of my memoirs, and secondly, I completely relate to having random dreams about being a penis-haver. I love that the dream in question was enjoyable but that afterwards the reality of her own body was reassuring too, there’s something comforting and hopeful about that to me. This is an honest piece and I enjoyed it a lot.

Nineteen by Ode to Dinah
This account of young lust and exploration has been scratching around in my chest since I first read it. The longing and confusion is palpable, the song lyrics are so brilliantly bittersweet. This is the bit that has stayed with me:
“It was dark, I was laying on my back, eyes closed, earbuds in, and I immediately recognized the song. Then the girl singing it. Memories flooded. Literally had the wind punched out of my lungs by it all.”
We’ve all been there, haven’t we, when dreams and songs and wishes all intertwine but we are alone, in the dark, with our thoughts? I certainly have.

Thank you to Marie for the opportunity to share my thoughts on this week’s links and to all the writers who shared their work; as always, I find myself in the very best of company alongside you all.

Violet xo


This week’s prompt is another suggestion by Molly Moore.

It is such a simple act. We do it with our children and with our partners. It can be as simple as holding someone’s hand as you help them up a step or something much more meaningful and intimate. What are your thoughts about holding hands? Is it something you love doing or maybe something you would rather not. Is holding hands sexy/erotic? Or maybe only when it is done as a first touch with a new partner? Tell us about holding hands or write a story based around holding hands.

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by thebarefootsub.

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