Prompt #348: Celibacy

I can’t believe that this is the first time I am welcoming Posy Churchgate to the roundup of Wicked Wednesday. I have been following her for quite some time now, both on Twitter and on her blog, and I had the privilege of meeting her at Eroticon 2018, even though we didn’t have much time to talk to each other. I love the stories she weaves, especially as she posts them in parts, making you wait for the next sexy bit. You can read her stories on her blog or follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 for week 347 by Posy Churchgate

I love reading the #WickedWednesday entries each week, such a variety of posts are submitted to the meme – many but not all responding to the prompt which this week was ‘Explore’. Usually I don’t have time to read every one, but in order to judge, I’ve read & commented on them all and was deeply impressed by the amazing high standard.

You may know me for my regular interview slot, but my first love is reading and writing erotica. To make my selection from 8 favourites, I allowed my bias to tip towards this genre. However the posts which focused on explorations relating to relationships or sexual awakenings were fascinating and touching, all heartening in their enthusiasm to grow and develop, all very well worth reading.

Take Me for a Ride : Dr J
A carousel ride designed with a sex theme – I’m in! This was such an unusual story but now the fantasy’s in my head I’m not letting go. Dr J writes very believable characters and locations, this makes her erotic scenes even hotter.

“He pressed a switch. A dildo rose from the saddle. Not just any dildo, one that was long, wide, and resembled a cock I knew pretty well.”

The frisson between the couple is tangible, the excitement and action build beautifully. When there is a technical hitch some sexy improvisation is required.
You’ll find more of Dr J’s work on her blog, or on the Sisters In Smut site, which is a fresh collaboration of female erotic writers.

Secret Desires : Ria Restrepo
“That my mild-mannered, well-respected professor appeared to be writing dirty stories was a siren song I couldn’t resist.”

Ria writes too hot to handle erotica and this short is no exception. A research assistant snooping in her tutor’s private folders discovers dirty stories which tap into her favourite fantasies. This scene unfolds in just the way I was hoping, while the descriptions, tension and the sexy interaction deliver all the erotic feels.
Check out what else Ria writes via her blog.

Behind the Door : Ina Morata
“My lips part into a soft, red open strawberry. Your fingertip runs all the way around them; barely touching but flooding me with need”

This gives you a hint of how descriptively this passage is written. Studded with yearning, Ina wonders if this person wants to rekindle their previous intimacy. It is written as an internal dialogue. While Ina acts friendly and platonic with someone she has loved before, her mind questions if they can rekindle that intimacy. Does he want her in the whirlwind, frenzied way that she craves? Read it to see for yourself and admire her passion, clever turn of phrase and delicate descriptive touches.


The prompt for this week is a suggestion by Exhibit A:

Voluntary or involuntary? Clearly-defined or open-ended? Happy or utterly miserable?

Most of us will endure (enjoy?) periods of celibacy at various points in our lives, whether it’s a short dry spell between relationships or a carefully-considered lifestyle choice. I suggested it to Marie as a Wicked Wednesday topic after talking to a couple of partners about their experiences with celibacy. I realised that I hadn’t seen many sex bloggers writing about it in any detail – why they weren’t having sex, how it made them feel, what impact it had on their lives, and what they did about it. I’m interested to know what celibacy means to other people and how they engage with it as both a concept and a reality. Hopefully this week’s Wicked Wednesday will give me a few answers!

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Exhibit A.

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