Prompt #316: Release

Finally, at Eroticon this year, after I have looked forward to it for SO long, I met Kayla and damn, what a nice meeting it was and what a lovely, vibrant and energetic woman, and a damn hard worker! Of course she was accompanied by her husband, John Brownstone, and it was just so nice to watch the two together. I can hardly wait to see them again next year!

Kayla is not new to doing the roundup for Wicked Wednesday, as she has done it for prompt 265 too! You can follow her on many places, all of which you can find links to on her blog, and you can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 by Kayla Lords

I adore Rebel and love that I got to finally meet her in person at Eroticon this year! She’s someone I’ve looked up to and been inspired by for many years. It’s been a while since I picked the top three for Wicked Wednesday, and I’d forgotten how difficult it can be! They were all really good!! These were my favorites:

Trademarked by Sir – Livvy Libertine
I love getting tattoos (although it’s been a while), and I love the idea of it being part of a D/s dynamic and kink. That the tattoo artist was so accepting of the moment was fascinating to me. I’m not sure I’d have the same erotic experience while getting ink, but it’s fun to think about. And it makes me want to go get a new tattoo — with John Brownstone!

His Spitting Image – Scandarella
I always love Scandarella’s work. It’s erotic, sexy, and makes my panties melt off. But this time, I loved hearing the running, scrambling thoughts of the narrator. His disbelief at who he saw, his disbelief and enjoyment of the moment, and this his amazement at the end. It felt so damn real to me, because my mind rolls that way. Of course, it’s not usually happening when a sexy celebrity is making me come.

Star Employee – Cara Thereon
I always love Cara’s writing, but she almost made me forget my disdain for role play with this one. It had a very Secretary feel which is erotic to me because I love that movie. This also made me long for the days when I worked in a corporate office environment because kinky fantasies about being bent over a desk are always fun.


Release… you can release a butterfly like in the image, or release doves on a wedding day, or someone can be released from prison. But, your orgasm can be a release too. I am sure you can shower us with sexy stories for this prompt!

As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Sub Bee.

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