Prompt #312: Elegance

In March this year I saw Hannah Lockhardt, but we never got a chance to talk. I think we once greeted each other, but that was it. If we are both at Eroticon next year, we definitely have to change that!
Hannah is a talented writer and posts her stories on her blog. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 by Hannah Lockhardt

This week I was struck by how comparatively little erotica there was submitted to this week’s Wicked Wednesday – instead there were personal tales, tips for bloggers and even poetry, and it was lovely to be able to discover new writers, or discover bloggers who I had mainly admired for their photography skills had also a wealth of written work for me to dive into.

My chosen three are:

Strip The Sheets – Molly Moore
I love the way Molly writes, if I had to take one sex blogger to a desert island it would probably be here (or her and Confess Hannah on a rotation system), although I should probably admit that I partly chose this story because it stirred delicious memories in me. It has everything, blow jobs, fingering, desperation and filthy name calling. Pretty perfect.

How and If to Continue Your Blog – Marie Rebelle
I am a pragmatist and therefore I loved this straightforward walk through how and why we might want to suspend or leave our blogs, and even what happens when we die, what would we want done with our online work. A thought-provoking read.

Bushy Tailed – Cara Thereon
Pet play absolutely isn’t my thing, and Cara writes around the subject beautifully, almost playfully arguing with herself as she looks at her Kitten self. Also the combination of reflection/fiction is one I would love to see more of, it’s such a neat idea!


Elegance is beauty that shows unusual effectiveness and simplicity. It is frequently used as a standard of tastefulness particularly in the areas of visual design, decoration, the sciences, and the aesthetics of mathematics. Elegant things exhibit refined grace and suggest maturity.

Looking at series of royals, I love the elegance they portray and sometimes long to be in the same dresses they wear. I guess my eyes will have a feast today with the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle today.
How do you feel about elegance? What do you view as elegant?
As always you can also link stories that do not follow the prompt!

The roundup for this week’s prompt will be done by Morag.

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