Prompt #306: Travel

I started reading Jo’s blog about two years ago (I think, but it might even be 3 years) and I still enjoy everything she posts. She has lived in South Korea, something I still find very intriguing, but she also travels to other interesting places on the globe. Have a look at her blog or follow her on Twitter.

Top 3 by Jo of Teachers have Sex

As Ella said a couple of weeks ago, I don’t often have the time to sit down and do a close reading of every post in the weekly memes, so being able to pick my three Wicked Wednesday favorites this week was a brilliant opportunity to savor the details of lots of brilliant writing and to be exposed to new writers! The Engineer and I had a great time reading everyone’s posts; your writing was a bonding experience for us, so thank you to everyone who contributed this week. And thanks to Marie for making the effort of hosting this wonderful weekly meme!

Alethea Alone – Cataclysm
The imagery in this piece is fucking outstanding; Alethea’s use of descriptive and figurative language is brilliant, and the way her prose becomes more staccato toward the climax of the story had me hooked on every word. I also really love the idea of multiple selves contained in one body / simultaneous and wildly different self-interpretations struggling against each other while trying to occupy the same space. The writing just completely seduced me.

Lascivious Lucy – Jean Genie
When The Engineer and I reached the ending of this piece, we both exclaimed aloud – it has a fabulous twist ending! The story is wicked hot; many of us have at some point felt intense lust for a neighbor (or someone else we see often but don’t know), and the description of this dream made me desperately crave more hot sex dreams!

Brigit Delaney – The Yoga Sutra and D/s
Brigit apologizes a few times in this piece, but there’s no need – what she writes is really identifiable and the way she weaves together her experiences with yoga, massage, acupuncture, sex, and relationships not only makes sense but is tied together in a beautiful way. I keep coming back to this post; I think the writing is raw and honest and it’s kind of amazing to read someone’s exploration of the ways in which the pieces of their life fit together. It’s also a good reminder that we have several paths or journeys in life that overlap and not always in the way we think they will… I’ll be interested to continue reading the ways in which she processes her thoughts and feelings about the intertwining aspects of her physical and emotional journeys.


You can say we have done travel as a prompt before, but back then the prompt was ‘geography‘ and this time it’s ‘travel’. Tell us about your sexy travels, a sexy holiday romance or a special place you want to return to. Or, just share anything you want to share about your travels, whether sexy or not.

The top 3 for this week’s prompt will be done by The Zen Nudist.

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