Prompt #297: Rainbow

I met Girl on the Net in a session at Eroticon in 2014. We sat on the last row of the session with the name ‘I recognize your vagina, not your face’ and when I tried to identify her by her badge, she whispered: “I am Girl on the Net but shhh I don’t want people to know who I am.” I cannot remember what I said then, but I never told anyone who she was. The next year, she was a speaker and the year after that too. We’ve spent some fun times at the bar in Bristol and I definitely look forward to seeing her in March in London! You can find Girl on the Net on her blog and on Twitter.

Top 3 by Girl on the Net

God it’s been glorious reading through all your Wicked Wednesday posts. One of the things that most frustrates me about blogging is that I often spend far more time writing than I do reading. So many thanks to Marie for giving me the excuse to not just read but luxuriate in all your gorgeous posts. It’s been so hard to choose a top three because everything has something to recommend it – a beautifully hot scene, a well-turned phrase, a chemical connection… But in the end I decided to go with three that spoke both to the prompt and to my heart.

Brigit Delaney – Chemistry poetry
There were some absolutely gorgeous poems in this week’s Wicked Wednesday, and I am an absolute sucker for poetry. I picked this one because the changing states – solid to liquid to steam – spoke to me and made me hanker for the kind of sex that really does feel transformative. Like your connection itself is a catalyst for a powerful reaction.

Hey Mrs Robinson – My Chemical Romance
Again, this one got me because of it’s beautiful use of the prompt – relationships as a place to experiment with your own chemistry. In this case, it’s sex toys and playfulness that provide the catalysts and security in each other as the ‘fire extinguisher, ready to come to the rescue should a mix go awry.’

Kayla Lords – He’s an alchemist
“Sometimes it’s as quick as the strike of a match” There are so many lovely chemical allusions in this piece that it positively bubbled and fizzed like a potions class. And on top of that, it made me cry. From the title right to the end, I felt like I was getting a privileged glimpse inside a relationship that’s nurturing and magical. And I think Kayla’s right – this kind of magic is the closest we mere humans will ever get to the art of alchemy.


A rainbow is such a special phenomenon in nature, which gives such a special feeling when seen. Right? Or do you feel different about rainbows? What is it about the colors of a rainbow you like, or don’t like?

The top 3 for this prompt will be done by Dr. J. Author.

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