Prompt #272: Black & White

When I met F Dot Leonora for the first time I was in awe of her bubbly personality, her positivity and her absolute love for the sex blogging community. One night, at Eroticon, she was telling us about things that transpired in her life and she made me laugh so hard that my tummy hurt and I couldn’t laugh anymore. She’s adorable, Leonora, and she’s a damn fine writer too. But, not only a writer, also an editor.
You can find her on her blog and also on Twitter.

Top 3 by F Dot Leonora

It is an honor to be asked to select the top three for Wicked Wednesday, which I have been participating in for the past three years and never missed a week. This week, the theme was the dentist and I have to say not a lot of people were inspired to make that sexy! I have just had work done, and I can concur–it is not! But there were really great posts this week, and it was really hard for me to choose! But I did, and they were all good so… just read them all!!!

Open Up! by Liza Daen
Liza Daen went over in word count, but her story was so compelling, and with a happy ending and with the dentist! Bravo!!!

Encore by Livvy Libertine
Libby Libertine’s story was a sexy enough encore, but that she could feel his erection through his tuxedo was my undoing–my suit fetish and all!!!

A Sweaty, Sticky Night by Wriggly Kitty
Wriggly Kitty’s sweaty sticky night, made me sweaty and sticky. It is such a raw and sexy scene!!!


This week’s prompt is a suggestion by Mrs Fever:

Black & White

There are so many directions to go with it. Black and white photography is never truly so stark in its contrast; it consists, like so many things in life, of varying shades of gray.

There are things in nature, however, that are truly black and white, or that are truly black and/or truly white. The zebra (both the mammal and the fish) is a study in contrast, while the raven and the dove demonstrate true opposites – in more ways than one.

Black and white are dividing lines in every issue: what one side sees clearly as “right”, another side sees as “wrong”.

In fashion, it’s a sharp look. Black ties pop clearly against white tuxedo shirts, and white polka dots stand out against a black background on summer sundresses. And while black is appropriate attire for most occasions year-round, white is more limited in its season and its acceptability. (Though, somehow, white weddings are sometimes considered black tie affairs. I find humor in that.)

The top 3 for this week’s prompt will be done by Cammies on the Floor.

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