Prompt #264: Nightmare

I think the first time I came across the blog of Little Switch Bitch was when she participated in Sinful Sunday and I immediately liked her style! Getting to know her better on social media, especially on Twitter, I found her a kind and caring soul who instantly jumped in to help with the roundup for Wicked Wednesday.

Top 3 by Little Switch Bitch

I seriously admire folk who can write erotica. Be it real events or filthy smut hidden in your head – it’s a talent to be able to write such a piece that makes the reader become engrossed with every word, where the feel they are a voyeur of your journey. Guys, this week you really set me a hard task. So many hopped out at me and I really genuinely struggled to pick 3. In no particular order, here are my

Back Seat Driver by Wriggly Kitty 
What a clever interpretation of the prompt. I love this piece because I relate to it so much. I do feel like sometimes it’s hard to switch off and give up control. And I’m pretty certain Wriggly Kitty has hit the nail on the head suggesting it’s because of how we are wired. I love how her partner took control and gave her a chance to relax by eliminating her triggers and took ability to talk or touch. Sounds like the perfect start to something great.

MISS S IN BONDAGE- ruby glow by Pain as Pleasure
This piece kept me engrossed because of the introduction of another person’s perspective. I can imagine being Miss S – experiencing pain, pleasure and watching my Top be in control of me to suddenly seeing them be in my position – a vulnerable, hot mess sounds so fucking hot. I also love how you clung onto Miss S and referred to her as ‘your rock’. A strong bond that struggles to be broken. The very last paragraph – those tears. That release.

Hands, knees and bumps-a-daisy by Hannah Lockhardt 
This is so fucking hot. I want to recreate this. I have no idea if you did this or not, but if you did – I’m jealous. It’s the constant referrals to his eyes – eyes can say so much more than the mouth can.
The whole piece gives me serious imagery and I imagine recreating it all. Just Yum!


Nightmares… we all have them from time to time. Can you change a chilling nightmare into something sexy?

The roundup for this prompt will be done by Sub Bee.

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