Prompt #215: Night World

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When I chose the prompt ‘weight’, I did it because of two reasons:

  • I know that there are lots of people out there who struggle with their weight, whether they are too light or too heavy, but also that there are people out there who are perfectly happy with the way they look.
  • I had something to say about my personal situation.

I knew this would be a difficult subject for some to write about and that some would choose not to use the prompt. What I didn’t expect is that some people would use the word ‘weight’ in a totally different way. And you know what, by choosing this prompt and having 23 brilliant posts linked made my task that more difficult to choose a top 3.

However, here it is…

The Weight of Perception by Eugene Noale 
Eugene touches on a very important point (in my opinion) and that is that photography is a perception and not fact. Looking at yourself in an image should not discourage you, but should help you build your confidence. His series of photos made me think of the way people see us. Do they really see the overweight or do they see the person who is happy or sad or silly. This is something I have been pondering since I read Eugene’s post.

Weight by Maria Opens Up 
This post is so incredibly positive that I think I should read it over and over and over for days to come. Maria also talks about photos and I just have to quote her: “And yeah, sometimes, I see myself in that photo and I cringe. I don’t like the way I look. I feel like I loom so large over everyone else but god dammit, I am smiling, and that is what I want people, that is what I want myself, to see.”

Lightweight by Exposing40 
Another quote: “Weight isn’t fat. Fat is fat. Weight is weight and whether you’re slight and androgynous or bountifully buxom you have a weight.”
This is so true! Except for this, there were two other things that (to me) stood out in this post: the fact that we should never forget that thin people have their struggles with their bodies/weight too and the fact hat it’s actually more important to be healthy than to have the perfect body.

There are many things in last week’s posts that stuck a chord with me and made me think about my own situation, as it probably also did for others.


When I saw this image that was taken by Molly Moore of Molly’s Daily Kiss, I immediately thought: ‘There’s a story in it.’

That’s what I want you to do: use the image as inspiration for your stories… and share!

Please note

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  3. Please note that it is not compulsory to follow the weekly prompt. It is only here for inspiration when you need it!
  4. Please make your stories no longer than 1200 words.

Thank you for participating and please, don’t forget to visit and read the other entries too! We all love to receive comments on our entries. Spread the love!

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