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Last week we followed a prompt suggested by Stranded in Toronto, and for me it turned out to bring back memories of 21 years ago. It seems I’m in a period of remembering, because the next day I blogged about something that happened almost 40 years ago. Also, I recently watched a television documentary about Namibia and I cried. I want to go back there, retrace my teenage footsteps, breath the air of the desert, hear the crashing of the waves against the rocky shore, walk on the long beach and dig my hands into the sand, to find mussels. Oh dear, there I go again, but it just seems that parts of my past are flashing through my memories stronger than they did in the past years. Is this because I am rapidly nearing my ‘middle age’?

Anyhoooooo… here’s the top 3 for last week’s prompt:

Not Going to Hurt a Bit by Kayla Lords 
This made me chuckle. Kayla totally put me – and I guess a lot of readers – on the wrong foot with this. Where would we be without smiles and laughs!

The haunting good time by Lord Raven 
I’m so happy to see Lord Raven back to writing again, and then reading such a hot threesome story… oh yes, yummy!

Let Me Share by Melina Greenport 
This story touched my heart. It sexy, but it’s the emotions that Melina captured in it that really got to me. The sadness, the yearning, the friendship, the sharing. Sweet and beautiful!


This week’s prompt is a suggestion of the lovely and talented Melina Greenport:


When I saw’s slide show of The Best Shoe Porn of the Year, my mind lit up with ideas. I’m most comfortable in Chuck Taylors, but my characters—oh what they could do with shoes like these!

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” — Marilyn Monroe

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” — Dr. Seuss

“Women always think that when they have my shoes, my dress my hairdresser, my make-up, it will work the same way. They do not conceive of the witchcraft that is needed. They do not know that I am not beautiful but that I only appear to be at certain moments.” — Anaïs Nin

From Cinderella’s glass slippers to the ruby ones bestowed upon Dorothy; from The Red Shoes poor dancing Karen was cursed with to Carrie Bradshaw’s stolen Manolos, shoes continue playing an impactful role in stories.

What does the thought of shoes bring up for you? Do any of the photos from Vogue spark your imagination? Do you have a favorite pair you’d like to show off? Share a picture, memory, fantasy or story about the power of sexy shoes.

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