Wicked Wednesday Annual Roundup (2015)

This is the first time I am doing a roundup for Wicked Wednesday, but as you can derive from the title of this post, I want to do this anal… er… uhm… er, I mean: annually!

The next prompt is number 188, which means we’ve already had 187 prompts since I started Wicked Wednesday in June 2012. Incredible. When I started this I have never thought it would run for so long. Okay, wait. I just never stopped to think about it, because I obviously started Wicked Wednesday with the idea to continue with it forever. But, when starting something you never know whether it’s going to be a success or not. Without you, dear Wicked Wednesday players, I could not have done this as long as I have, and I wouldn’t have planned to continue for yet another year. Thank you for your support, thank you for linking, and thank you for sharing your sexy posts, but also those with heartache and laughter! You’re the best!

As you might know from my own blog, I work from an Excel file where I plan all my posts and know exactly what I should still write and when it needs to be ready and posted on which blog. Without this file I would have gone crazy (okay, okay, crazier!) a long time ago. For those who don’t know Excel: you have tabs at the bottom where you can make new pages, and believe me, mine has many tabs. The first one is the planning I just spoke about. The second one is called: Wicked Wednesday. There I keep track of the prompts, of the players and which players joined in with which prompt. Now, again for those who don’t know Excel, you can put all kinds of formulas in there and of course I have them. I can see exactly how many posts has been link for a week, but I can also see how many posts have been linked by one player, from the beginning of Wicked Wednesday. What can I say, I just like stats!

So, dear readers, from my Wicked Wednesday administration file, I give you the following stats:

General numbers

Number of prompts: 187
Number of players since the beginning: 227
Total number of posts linked since the first prompt: 3893
Highest number of links for one week: 47 (week 53)
Lowest number of links for one week: 12 (week 162)
Average number of posts links per week: 21
Started 2015 with: prompt 136

Top 10 players since the beginning of the meme

Molly’s Daily Kiss – 187 posts
The Long Bean – 187 posts
Rebel’s Notes – 187 posts
Stranded in Toronto – 146 posts
Cammies on the floor – 136 posts
Stella Kiink – 119 posts
Beck and her kinks – 109 posts
A Sexual Being – 108 posts
Kinky Biker Mom – 92 posts
F Dot Leonora – 91 posts

Top 10 players for 2015

Molly’s Daily Kiss – 52 posts
The Long Bean – 52 posts
Rebel’s Notes – 52 posts
F Dot Leonora – 52 posts
Cammies on the floor – 49 posts
Fun with Sammi – 39 posts
A Sexual Being – 34 posts
Chasing Me, Chasing You – 32 posts
Stranded in Toronto – 29 posts
Modesty Ablaze – 28 posts

How many times has a blog been mentioned in the top 3?

How I wanted to do this: to look at the number of times someone has linked a post since October 2014 (when I started to do the top 3) until December 2015, take the number of posts from the same blog that have made it into the top 3 and calculated a percentage to get to the following top list.

This, however, would have been unfair, since some people play along every week and don’t get in the top 3 every week, while others played once and had a top 3 notation, which would give them a 100% and put them at the top of the list. This is unfair to the rest who play every week. So, I didn’t do it like that. I’m just giving you the top 10 blogs that made it to the top 3 taken from October 2014 to December 2015.

The top 10 blogs for top 3 posts

Molly’s Daily Kiss – 14 top posts from 62 linked posts
Cammies on the floor – 13 top posts from 58 linked posts
A Sexual Being – 8 top posts from 42 linked posts
Sex Blog (of sorts) – 7 top posts from 22 linked posts
Illicit Thoughts – 7 top posts from 15 linked posts
Stella Kiink – 6 top posts from 24 linked posts
F Dot Leonora – 6 top posts from 62 linked posts
Understanding Flutterby – 6 top posts from 11 linked posts
Poison Pen/Dirty Mind – 6 top posts from 13 linked posts
Stranded in Toronto – 5 top posts from 34 linked posts

These are just a number of ‘silly statistics’ that might have no meaning to anyone but myself. What can I say? I have always loved to keep track of different kinds of statistics just for the fun of it!

Last, but not least, I want to wish all of you a very happy 2016! Let’s make the best of it and let’s make it the best Wicked Wednesday year ever!

~ Marie Rebelle

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