TMI Tuesday: Hiding

I have been wanting to join in with the TMI Tuesday meme for so long, but for some or other reason it just never fitted into the planning for my main blog, Rebel’s Notes. Then, yesterday, a thought struck me. I have a new site up for the different memes I run (except then for Wicked Wednesday, which has its own site) and I can participate in TMI Tuesday there. Finally a way to participate and answer those questions!

So here goes, my very first TMI Tuesday!

1. Tell us something you like but you hide it from your friends because you think they will make fun of you or not understand.

Thinking of this question, there is really nothing that comes to mind. I don’t have a huge group of friends, but those I have know quite a lot about me and they definitely don’t make fun of me. Granted, there is only one friend who I tell absolutely everything (yes, even about my sex life) but this is because we understand each other without words. Other friends never get the full picture, but that’s more because I see them less and not because I think they will make fun of me or not understand.

2. Tell us something you hide from you family because they would be ashamed of you.

I do not talk about our D/s relationship and that I like to be hurt physically by my husband. They might be ashamed of me if they know about this. A youth memory made me think of something. I remembered how I saw my father hit my mom in a fit of rage. She didn’t leave him and I won’t be surprised if it happened more times before they finally got a divorce. Both my mom and I allow(ed) men to hurt us, but I am hurt out of love, not rage. Even so, I will never tell my family about our D/s relationship, simply because I don’t think they will understand.

3. What do you hide from your kids because they just don’t need to know?

Just like in question 2, I am not talking about our D/s relationship to my kids. We are not really hiding it from them, but just don’t talk to them about it. We do, however, openly talk about sex and the fact that I write about sex, but we omit the name of the blog and my pseudonym from the conversations.

4. When was the last time you hid from something or someone?

I sometimes hide from Master T and then call out ‘boo’ when he walks into the room, but that’s not what you meant, right? No, seriously, I cannot remember. Or yes, maybe I can. When I had a burnout some years ago, I stayed in the house, hiding from the outside world.

5. What things or objects do you hide regularly?

I hide sex toys away from the kids. They know we have them, and they know that there’s a lot in our bedroom, but they had never and will never lay an eye on them. Unless of course something happens to both me and Master T at the same time. I actually hide nothing else, because somehow we have an unwritten rule in the house: is something is not yours, you just let it be. It’s always just been like that: mutual respect for each other’s stuff.

Bonus: What did someone hide and you found?

Oh my gosh, this question made me travel right back to the time I was about 9 or 10. It was right before Christmas and I knew my parents must already have bought Christmas presents and I wanted to know what they had gotten us. I first checked my mom’s closet, but there was nothing there, so next I opened my father’s closet. The first thing I saw was the poster he had on the inside of the door. Oh damn, just thinking about it makes me go tingly all over. It was a poster of a naked woman, sitting with her legs spread on the beach in the shallow surf. The water lapped at her dark pubic hair. So sexy! I studied the picture for quite some time and then continued to search for the Christmas presents, but found a stack of Polaroids – all naked pictures of my mom. I guess it runs in the family…

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