Prompt #172: Epiphany

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Many of us have autumn ahead of us, which means the prompt of last week was a perfect moment to say goodbye to summer 2015. Many lovely posts have been linked, and it seems my top 3 all has to do with love:

Farewell To Summer by A Sexual Being 
Kayla’s summer wasn’t an easy one. They had to say goodbye to a loved one and many days were filled with sadness and tears. Kayla and John Brownstone got through summer together, with lots of love and support for each other. They welcome fall with open arms.

Wildest Dreams by Sex Blog (of sorts) 
Even though it wasn’t a holiday romance, the prompt summer made her think of her lost love. Charlie’s relationship ended and many thoughts are running through her mind, but most of all she misses him.

Love City by Molly’s Daily Kiss 
The way this post is structured, starting 5 years ago and then fast forward to this year. Two different situations, yet so similar. By the end of this post I had tears in my eyes. It’s simply beautiful.


Have you ever had an epiphany, when something just suddenly became clear to you. Maybe it was something you wondered about for years or maybe it was something you didn’t even know you were wondering about. Whether sexual or not, share your epiphany stories here.

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