Prompt #116: Photograph/photography

This week’s prompt is brought to you by Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss:

This Tuesday (19th August 2014) is World Photo Day. This project was started in 2010 by Australian photographer Korske Ara with the goal to unite local and global communities in a worldwide celebration of photography. It is an interesting project that year after year seems to be growing in popularity and with the ever expanding global reach of the internet combined with digital photography suddenly the world, all of the world, can be right there on our screens. North to South, East to West, even up into the sky around us and down into the pits of the earth photography expands our horizons and allows us to see things that many of us will never get the opportunity to actually witness first hand. Sometimes we can be grateful for that, from the shanty towns of 3rd world cities, to war zones where children play amongst the violence of the adults around and sometimes we can be envious of the perfect tropical beach, the opportunity to watch elephants drink and play at the water hole, the Arctic world of white wilderness. Maybe we will never get to see them ourselves but a photograph allows you a moment to dream, to imagine, to be there and feel it.

In my opinion that is exactly what a good photograph does, it takes you by the hand and draws you into that; place, that person, that action where for a brief moment you can feel it, the sun on your skin, the cold on your face, the touch of a hand on your thigh, the brush of lips of your neck, the loneliness, the joy, the tension. It takes a moment and freezes it inviting you to step in and experience it.

“I believe that photography has the power to tell stories, inspire generations and initiate change in the world.” ~ Korske Ara

So the prompt this week is Photograph/photography.

What you decide to do with that is completely up to you but in case you need some ideas here are some possible suggestions/questions to work from:

  • Write an erotic fiction piece based on a photograph (if you don’t have your own maybe use another bloggers image for inspiration. Please ask their permission before reposting any images) Remember the photo doesn’t have to be erotic, it might be a landscape but your words can transform it into something else.
  • Write an erotic fiction piece which involves a photograph or photography
  • What does photography/photograph do for you as a writer?
  • Has taking photographs of yourself changed how you see yourself or others?
  • Does having your photograph taken get you off, maybe you would even go so far to say it is a fetish or kink for you.
  • Did a photograph inspire you to try something new sexually?

I could go on, the possibilities seem endless to me but knowing you all as I do I am fairly sure you will find your own path to lead, drag, tempt us down….

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