A new look!

Have you noticed?

I bet you did!

Wicked Wednesday has a new look!

For some time now I have been busy looking for new themes for the three sites I maintain and of course, Wicked Wednesday is one of them. Since we have reached 100 prompts last week, I decided that the new look should be active before we start afresh at number 1. Okay, we start at 101, but you get what I mean.

Not only do we have a new look, but we also have a new button. The new button has a rainbow circle with the words ‘Wicked Wednesday’ printed inside it. Why a rainbow? Because of the diversity of people who participate in this meme, because of the different kinds of posts that are linked and because absolutely anything sexy goes for Wicked Wednesday. And last but not least, I have always felt that rainbows are special and that is what you all do for Wicked Wednesday: you make it shine like a rainbow and make it special! You can grab the new button from the rules page.

Thanks to everyone who has linked posts in the first 100 prompts. I look forward to see and read what you come up with for future prompts. Spread the word, get more people to join our special rainbow and make Wicked Wednesday even bigger than it is already.

Enjoy the new look, and if you have any problems with the site or any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

~ Marie Rebelle


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