Red panties… by Sam

In this desert, King Dorian, the mogul of the countryside, used to travel a lot this past year and find himself quite tired of it. He travelled always with a huge crowd of servants and knigths, a court made to service and protect him. But what was the most intriguing about him was his female harem. Seven woman, one for each day of the week, one day fixed for one woman.

Each one of them had habilities very specific and he, as a King and master of all things, took his role very seriously, picking up one of them on the very same day to fulfill one fantasy.

Eve, the first one, and so well named, was a beauty reknown overseas, with the longest blond hair you can only see in fairy tales, and blue eyes who damned anyone who dared watching them.

The Master choose her for the monday, taking her in his tent.

He ordered her to come naked for the top of her body, only wearing thin silk panties, all red and transparent. She complied and took position behind a curtain on a special chair. Her bottom ass was positionned in the air, her face down, her arms tied on each side of the chair by a servant.

King Dorian passed behind the curtain dismissing the servant. Did I tell you what was her ability?

I forgot this little detail… She had the most luscious ass among the harem, curveously shaped with perfect mounds who could part slightly to the sides in a way so arousing, that even her master was shaking each monday when he passed the curtain.

He was wearing nothing but a cover rod making his manhood bigger and longer. His length was encased in an intricate form made of thick lines who could easily glide through anything. The rod was already dripping of his juices, all so expectant of what was to come.

He took hold of her hair and made her arch her upper body towards him. She had the most perfect curves and supple back he had ever seen. She moaned loudly like she was expected to. Her master taught her well. In one hand, he picked up a small pallette knife made of wood, with which he whispered all he felt for her.

One coup, she cried loudly, a second, her luscious mounds did a jolt unmistakable, as the pleasure ripped through her. Counting to five, he finally removed the dripping red panties who were of no use anymore and smelled them eagerly making his own rod twitch with pleasure and swelling even more.

The master then relaxed and eased himself, letting go of Eve’s hair. She moaned even more loudly knowing what was to come. Her juices were flooding out from her, she was proud to have soaked and stained her panties in such a perfect way.

Eve didn’t wait for long, her master took her hair and attached it tightly to a poll in front of her chair. She couldn’t move anymore her head or her upper body. He then tied each of her semi deployed legs very widely on sidearms of the chair, which opened by a push on its middle.

She was now crouched over the chair, her ass very up in the air, her mounds open widely. The mounds were slightly swollened, a nice shade of red replacing the thin material of her panties. The master took hold of his manhood and began to brush the upper parts of her back, making her shiver, and living a trace of his juices along the way.

Unexpectantly, he gave her another coup with his hand, the feeling was so arousing, he almost lost his mind and had a hard time not to deliver all his juices at once! His rod was now at the entrance of her pussy, he pushed himself abruptly into her ass, making her jump up with pleasure and lots of cries, her hair pulling from the poll she was attached to.

He retrieved quickly and smached her ass on both cheeks in turn, several times till his hand hurt.

He finally couldn’t bear it anymore and entered her pussy and delivered his juices with force, going as deep as he could. Eve was the perfect ass on his monday fantasy!

End of day…

(There will be no sequel I think, unless you really appreciate it. I am a little wet and excited, waiting for your comments. Do you want a day two?)

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