Prompt #1 … celebrate!

Welcome to the very first Wicked Wednesday prompt. Last week I introduced this new meme and explained what it is all about. The rules for the meme can be found here and you can download the Wicked Wednesday badge on the same page.

There will be a prompt every week to help those who need a little push of inspiration to put something to paper… Or rather, to know which keys to touch.

So without further ado, the prompt for this week is ‘celebrate‘.


Since this is the start of this meme, I think that celebrations are in order. But of course, there are more things than only new beginnings that one can celebrate. Just think about weddings, the New Year, birthdays, national holidays, winning a competition or simply celebrating a beautiful day. I bet you can think about a lot more. Now take it a step further… did you ever have a sexy encounter during one of those celebrations? Or maybe you had fantasized about the bride or groom at a wedding. Or about one of the guests. Can it be that when the clock struck 12 and the New Year started you were somewhere in an alley groping at someone or being groped? Or you were in bed with your lover, welcoming the New Year in a very special way?

Share your wicked and sexy celebrations with us.

Add the Wicked Wednesday button, post on your blog and come back here between late Tuesday evening and early Thursday morning (Western European time) to link your post on the Wicked Wednesday Entries page.

Thank you for participating and don’t forget to visit the other entries too!

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Note (26.08.2017): Originally there were 15 links for this prompt, but when re-doing the linking, some websites were already removed.

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